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Koyo Bearings

Koyo Seiko is a proven OE supplier bearings for Japanese cars and trucks.  Use the same parts that the factory uses to help your car perform it's best.  We are proud to carry a wide range of Koyo bearings.  As part of our commitment to supply quality OE parts, following is a summary of our Koyo bearings by OE number.
All Koyo numbers we we offer are available at

Acura 13450P5A003 Belt Tensioner
Acura 14510P30003 Belt Tensioner
Acura 14510P5A003 Belt Tensioner
Acura 14510PG6013 Belt Tensioner
Acura 14510PH7003 Belt Tensioner
Acura 14510PV0003 Belt Tensioner
Acura 14510PY3003 Belt Tensioner
Acura 44300S5A004 Wheel Bearing
Acura 44300SD4038 Wheel Bearing
Acura 44300SF1008 Wheel Bearing
Acura 44300SG0008 Wheel Bearing
Acura 44300SP0008 Wheel Bearing
BMW 31211106033 Wheel Bearing
BMW 31212634103 Wheel Bearing
Chevrolet N1745 Release Bearing
Daihatsu 9004363079000 Wheel Bearing
Daihatsu 9004363188 Wheel Bearing
Daihatsu 9004366044000 Wheel Bearing
Honda 13404P13003 Belt Tensioner
Honda 13404PT0004 Belt Tensioner
Honda 14510P13003 Belt Tensioner
Honda 14510P8AA01 Belt Tensioner
Honda 14510PE0005 Belt Tensioner
Honda 14510PH3003 Belt Tensioner
Honda 14510PT0004 Belt Tensioner
Honda 14550PGEA01 Belt Idler
Honda 14550RCAA01 Belt Idler
Honda 42200SE0008 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Honda 42200SV1008 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Honda 44300SB2966 Wheel Bearing
Honda 91051SB0028 Wheel Bearing
Honda 91053634008 Wheel Bearing
Hyundai 5172036200 Wheel Bearing
Isuzu 8944646371 Wheel Bearing
Isuzu 9000322090 Wheel Bearing
Isuzu 9000323040 Wheel Bearing
Isuzu Bearing812 Release Bearing
Lexus 4241030020 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Lexus 4241050010 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Lexus 424600E010 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Lexus 4355050011 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Lexus 9036949002 Wheel Bearing
Lexus 9090363011 Wheel Bearing
Mazda 025933047 Wheel Bearing
Mazda 139133075 Wheel Bearing
Mazda 853126152 Bearing Retainer
Mazda 996030206 Wheel Bearing
Mazda B00233047 Wheel Bearing
Mazda B4552615XA Hub/Bearing Assembly
Mazda B6032615XB Hub/Bearing Assembly
Mazda B63012700D Belt Tensioner
Mazda B66012700F Belt Tensioner
Mazda FE6216510C Release Bearing
Mazda J00126151 Wheel Bearing
Mazda LB4026151A Wheel Bearing
Mazda N32611D03 Pilot Bearing
Mitsubishi MB175967 Wheel Bearing
Mitsubishi MB303865 Wheel Bearing
Mitsubishi MB515400 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Mitsubishi MB569972 Wheel Bearing
Mitsubishi MB584790 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Mitsubishi MB633276 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Mitsubishi MB633512 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Mitsubishi MB663547 Wheel Bearing
Mitsubishi MB664611 Wheel Bearing
Mitsubishi MB808442 Wheel Bearing
Mitsubishi MB844919 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Mitsubishi MB949096 Wheel Bearing
Mitsubishi MD104578 Belt Tensioner
Mitsubishi MD140071 Belt Tensioner
Mitsubishi MD151447 Belt Idler
Mitsubishi MD156604 Belt Idler
Mitsubishi MD175375 Belt Tensioner
Mitsubishi MD369999 Belt Tensioner
Mitsubishi MN137248 Belt Idler
Mitsubishi MR223284 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Mitsubishi MR449796 Wheel Bearing
Mitsubishi MR449797 Wheel Bearing
Mitsubishi MR493619 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Mitsubishi MR527452 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Mitsubishi MR527453 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Nissan 3050269F10 Release Bearing
Nissan 402100B000 Wheel Bearing
Nissan 4021050W00 Wheel Bearing
Nissan 4021073000 Wheel Bearing
Nissan 40210A0100 Wheel Bearing
Nissan 40215A0100 Wheel Bearing
Nissan 40232M5661 Wheel Seal
Nissan 4321021000 Wheel Bearing
Nissan 4321519P00 Wheel Bearing
Nissan 4325203E01 Wheel Seal
Subaru 13073AA142 Belt Idler
Subaru 28016AA011 Wheel Bearing
Subaru 28016AA030 Wheel Bearing
Subaru 906010013 Wheel Bearing
Subaru 906010015 Wheel Bearing
Suzuki 0926541001 Wheel Bearing
Suzuki 0926736002 Wheel Bearing
Suzuki 0926740001 Wheel Bearing
Suzuki 0926935009 Wheel Bearing
Suzuki 0926935036 Wheel Bearing
Suzuki 4344054G01 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 0442113010 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 0442114010 Wheel Bearing Kit
Toyota 0442128020 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 0442130011 Wheel Bearing Kit
Toyota 0442130030 Wheel Bearing Kit
Toyota 135030F010 Belt Idler
Toyota 1350311010 Belt Idler
Toyota 1350311030 Belt Idler
Toyota 1350362030 Belt Idler
Toyota 1350363011 Belt Idler
Toyota 1350365010 Belt Idler
Toyota 135050F010 Belt Tensioner
Toyota 1350515050 Belt Tensioner
Toyota 1350516021 Belt Tensioner
Toyota 1350520030 Belt Tensioner
Toyota 1350546041 Belt Tensioner
Toyota 1350562060 Belt Tensioner
Toyota 1350562070 Belt Tensioner
Toyota 1350574030 Belt Tensioner
Toyota 1350588382 Belt Tensioner
Toyota 1350588383 Belt Tensioner
Toyota 3123012180 Release Bearing
Toyota 3123052020 Release Bearing
Toyota 4240934010 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 4241008010 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Toyota 4241033050 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Toyota 4241042010 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Toyota 4241042020 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Toyota 4241052021 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Toyota 4245004010 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 4245006020 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Toyota 424500C010 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 4245042010 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Toyota 4245042030 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Toyota 4245052021 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Toyota 4245063011 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Toyota 4246004010 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 4246006020 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Toyota 424600C010 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 4246060010 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 4351047010 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Toyota 4355017010 Hub/Bearing Assembly
Toyota 9008036071 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 9008036098 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 9008036193 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 9031161001 Wheel Seal
Toyota 9031348001 Wheel Seal
Toyota 9031669001 Wheel Seal
Toyota 9036340082 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 9036547007 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 9036547013 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 9036627001 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 9036821001 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 9036834001 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 9036834083 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 9036838001 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 9036845087 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 9036849084 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 9036938011 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 9036943007 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 9036943008 Wheel Bearing
Toyota 9036954001 Wheel Bearing

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