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About Us

Mission Statement

To consistently and efficiently deliver high quality engines, cylinder heads and engine parts through continuous investment and process improvement.


Based near Downtown Los Angeles, we’re located in a tough engine environment where vehicles are subjected to heat, traffic, hills and stop- and-go driving on a regular basis.

When we first opened in 1977, we only offered camshafts and crankshafts. More products and services have been added over the years. We now offer the entire range of remanufactured engine components, finished engines, parts and retail installations. No transmissions, no radiators, we are engine specialists providing the most thorough top to bottom service.

We are proud to have been a stable company over the years, producing during times of boom and bust while competitors have come and gone. We credit our team for our success. Most employees have been with us for at least 5 years, with many having tenures of 10, 15 and 20+ years.

We strive to meet our customers’ demands, including the need to deliver quickly. Our primary customers, automotive repair shops can’t finish their job and put their customers back on the road until we’ve done ours. We put everything into our engines to avoid seeing them again. We also only offer and include parts that we believe in. We want to keep you on the road. Please contact us today for your engine, cylinder head and engine part needs. We look forward to serving you.

Perfect Engine | 2721 S. San Pedro Street | Los Angeles, CA 90011 | (323) 231-5161