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Rebuilt Engines - Remanufactured Engines
Understanding your options:

- New Engines
- Rebuilt Engines
- Remanufactured Engines
- Exchange Rebuilt Engines
- Exchange Remanufactured Engines
- Engine Overhaul
- Used Engines
- Junkyard Engines

Manufacturers Include:
- Acura
- Buick
- Cadillac
- Chevrolet/Chevy
- Chrysler
- Dodge
- Ford
- General Motors
- GMC Truck, GM Imports
- Honda
- Isuzu
- Jaguar
- Jeep
- Lexus
- Lincoln
- Mazda
- Mercedes Benz
- Mitsubishi
- Nissan
- Oldsmobile
- Plymouth
- Pontiac
- Toyota
- Volkswagen / VW
- Volvo

Engine Rebuilding Service

We Remanufacture Your Engine

We do not stock finished engines or sell used engines.

All engines are custom built to order.  Local engine inquiries only please.  Our engine remanufacturing service is focused on serving the Los Angeles market.  We do not ship engines.  We do not carry crate engines.  We remanufacture your engine.
Long Block Remanufacuting Typical Price Range is $850 to $5,000, depending on engine.  Call or e-mail for a quote on your engine
Removal/Installation Labor Charge Typically Ranges between $800 and $1,600, depenging on vehicle.  Accessories such as fluids, filters, belts, hoses, etc. are additional when we perform an installation.  It usually takes us 3 weeks to remove, remanufacture and reinstall an engine.
We remanufacture your engine for the best combination of quality, service and competitive pricing.  Our standard process is simple.  Bring in your engine and you can normally have it back in a week.  We also offer in-house removal and installation.  If you bring in your vehicle, have the engine rebuilt and back in about 3 weeks.
Remanufacturing your engine has three advantages:
1.  Avoid costly upfront core charges.  Core charges only apply if a core engine component is junk.
2.  Ensure 100% compatibility.  There are no surprises that mounting, smog and sensor holes on your engine won't match up.
3.  Decreased cost.  We keep our engine prices low by carrying a low inventory.  We spare the cost of having hundreds of different engines sitting idle on the floor.  This cost savings that is passed onto you.
Classic car owner maintain their car's value by keeping the original engine under the hood.
We remanufacture Long Blocks (complete engine assembly) and Short Blocks (the lower half of the engine). Engines are not just rebuilt, but remanufactured to the highest quality standards. All wear parts are either replaced or precision machined to OEM specifications.  We use quality parts and an experienced staff does the job right the first time. We remanufacture automotive, light truck and industrial engines for long term reliability.
Short Block (Lower Engine End) Remanufacturing Procedures Include
Complete Engine Disassembly - Pistons, rings, bearings, timing chains, flat tappets, plugs and other parts are discarded
Thermal or Chemical Cleaning - Engine block, Cylinder heads, Cranks, Cams)
Shot Peening or Sand Blasting of relevant parts
Engine Block Crack Inspection - Magnaflux
Crankshaft Reconditioning - Grinding and Micro Polishing
Camshaft Reconditioning - Grinding and Micro Polishing Non-Overhead Cam Engines (Camshaft Replacement if required)
Boring and Power Honing of Cylinders. New Cylinder Sleeves when applicable.
Connecting Rods - Resizing Big End, Bushing Replaced or Resized
Block Resurfacing as required
Precision Assembly

Long Block (Complete Engine) Remanufacturing Procedures Include the above and:
Remanufacturing of Cylinder Heads
New or Remanufactured Rocker Arm Assembly
New or Reconditioned Camshafts

New Parts for Short Block Include:
Main and Connecting Rod Bearings
Pistons and Wrist Pins
Piston Rings
Cam Bearings
Timing Components
Freeze plugs
Camshaft When reconditioned is not available

New Long Block Parts Include the Above and:
Oil Pump
Rocker arm shafts, balls or nuts when necessary
New or Reconditioned Push Rods
Gaskets Full Set
Hydraulic Lifter New, Solid Lifters Reground or New Complete Engines

For maximum reliability, we only use top quality parts.

Truck Engines

Truck Engines include new heavy duty high volume or high pressure oil pump and heavy duty timing components. We also offer RV or torque cams at an additional charge.

High Performance / Racing Engines

Work with one of our specialists to build the right custom engine for your budget and needs.

Ask about free pickup and delivery for engines in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, California.

Based in Los Angeles, Perfect Engine Sells Remanufactured Engines Within Southern California. Local Inquiries Only Please.

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Jaguar 4.0L S-Type Rebuilt Cylinder Head Assembly
Jaguar 4.0L S-Type Left Cylinder Head Assembly

Our Price: $500.00

Jaguar 4.0L S-Type Rebuilt Cylinder Head Assembly
Jaguar 4.0L S-Type Right Cylinder Head Assembly

Our Price: $500.00

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